Ciclosoft Survey
Ciclosoft Survey

Ciclosoft 2020: The largest survey on the selective collection and reverse logistics in Brazil

26 years of research

Since 1994, Cempre has carried out the Ciclosoft survey, gathering information on the selective collection and reverse logistics programs in Brazil, including indicators related to the collection models adopted, the participation of cooperatives, and the operating costs. The Ciclosoft survey has geographic coverage on a national scale and has biannual data collection.

The methodology consists in collecting data through an online survey and technical visits to city halls, intending to demonstrate which municipalities have selective collection and reverse logistics programs and how they work.

Ciclosoft 2020

On the 10th anniversary of the National Solid Waste Policy (PNRS), the survey had updated its methodology of collecting information from public managers and waste pickers’ organizations.

Ciclosoft deepened the researched indicators and included the impact suffered by the systems in the context of the pandemic caused by COVID-19.

The survey is now available on an interactive online platform.

The survey is available here, in Portuguese only. The historical series can be accessed here.

Acesse aqui o site Ciclosoft 2020

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CEMPRE works to promote recycling, circular economy, reverse logistics and the concept of shared responsibility in solid waste management provided for in the National Solid Waste Policy (PNRS), working with the private sector, the public sector and the civil society. Over its three decades of existence, CEMPRE has developed several publications to support environmental education for recycling, manuals for waste picker cooperatives and public agents, and the traditional Ciclosoft Survey, which represents the largest database on selective collection in the country.